High pressure compressor

Helium compressor

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70CFM to 350CFM/2 to 10M3/min
300PSI to 7300PSI/2MPa to 50MPa

PET compressor

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70CFM to 350CFM/2 to 10M3/min
30/40BAR 430/580PSI
The Low Cost Solution for
the Small PET Compressor User

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Wellhead compressor

VRU compressor

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shell gas/tight gas
gas well enhancement
vapor recovery 

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Coalbed methane compressor

Natural gas compressor

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suction 0.67bar (vacuum) to 3.45barG
delivery upto 35barG
capacity upto 3.6MMSCFD

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High Air Machinery Co.,Ltd.

High Air is an expert in High pressure compressor and Nature Gas compressor manufacture.

High Air high pressure piston/reciprocating compressor pump up from 300PSI(2MPa) to 7300PSI(50MPa),compress air/helium/nitrogen/Natural gas and so on,has been widely used in PET bottles blowing,hydropower station,military,aviation and oil/gas petroleum industry.

High Air oil flooded Screw gas compressor from 15kw to 600kw,suction from 0.67bar to 3.45barG,delivery up to 35barG,and the biggest  capacity is 3.6MMSCFD.Wildly used in gas gathering/Natural gas well enhancement/VRU/coalbed methane/BIO gas application.It's designed for the tough environment,extreme working temperature can be -40 to 45 OC.

PET Compressor


PET BULL series Compressor is the low cost solution for the small PET compressor user. We supply 5 to 10M3/min economic Compressors to middle and small size PET bottles blowing lines. 35BAR to 45BAR.

High Pressure Compressor


We fabricate piston/reciprocating compressors from 300PSI to 7300PSI/2MPa to 50MPa. Compress more than air/helium/nitrogen/Natural gas.Has been widely used in hydropower station,military,aviation and oil/gas petroleum industry.

Wellhead Compressor


Our HX Series wellhead compressors using reciprocating and screw compressors are powered by either electric motor or GM natural gas engines. Total automation maintains optimal capacity for your well and Help you gain profits from oil and gas wells enhancement.

Screw Natural Gas Compressor


As a natural gas compressor packager of highly engineered rotary and reciprocating compressors from US,We package up to approximately 600 horsepower,our natural gas compressors are widely used in coalbed methane/bio gas/shell gas/turbine/gas gathering area.

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